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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about training to become a driving instructor with the Instructor College UK? Feel free to read our frequently asked questions below:

In our opinion it certainly is. You will be provided with training from our dedicated and specialist training team. We are not a driving school and only specialise in providing a structured and effective Driving Instructor training programme.
Most defiantly not. You are free to work with any one of our carefully selected partner driving schools or if you prefer to work independently. Upon qualifying you will be invited to one of our business development meetings to help you launch your new career.
Yes, you are guaranteed a placement with a Driving School when qualified in your local area. We also guarantee you will earn over £30,000 in your first full year or your money back.
Not usually. We much prefer to undertake most of our Driving Instructor training in the training cars. This is where you will be teaching, and this is where you should be training
Yes, if you follow the advice provided by the training team. See our Money Back Promise
You will be trained by our dedicated ADI Trainers who have specialist training knowledge and our qualified in training the next generation of driving instructors. We have a rigours recruitment process and believe that our trainers are among the very best in the industry.
Yes, you are but we will would expect you to earn more than this. See our Money Back Promise
Yes, you do except for the DVSA test fees. Just follow the advice from the training team and you can claim your money back in full once qualified providing all advise has been followed and training completed on time.
Yes, you can. You can dictate the start and finish time around your family life and personal commitments. Yes, an element of flexibility is required but certainly it is a very flexible job with a magnificent work life balance.
If you are excited about this opportunity to start your new career then fill in the enquiry to receive your free information pack, a free copy of the highway code and a free copy of know your traffic signs.

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