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The Training

Training is provided flexibly, so you can train whilst in your current employment. Then, when you pass your final exam you join our team of Instructors with a branded tuition car giving driving lessons in your area.

Our training is comprehensive, provides test pass guarantees and we also guarantee you a career with us upon completion of your training. You will work as a Driving Instructor on a self-employed basis, but we will ensure your success through extensive marketing. We even provide a pupil guarantee scheme!

Our training courses have been designed to fit around your existing commitments and are fully bespoke to your individual training requirements. You will be guaranteed a position with our Driving School as a Driving Instructor once you have passed your final Instructors exam.

Our trainees qualify at their own pace and easily fit our driver training programme around existing work and lifestyle commitments. This is why we offer flexible learning to fit around you.

Flexibility is synonymous with our Driving Instructor courses. We are always flexible in our training approach and style, as well as you being flexible in your ability and attitude. A typical Drive2us.com Instructor course is highly interactive and enjoyable.

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How soon can I get qualified and on the road?

You will want to start on our Driving Instructor training programme and qualify as quickly as possible; however realistically you can be teaching pupils and earning a living as a driving instructor within four to nine months.


As everyone learns at a different pace, it is possible to qualify sooner. The time taken will depend on your availability to train, the CRB check and test date availability.


Our team

Our friendly trainers are 100% dedicated to Instructor training. They aren’t committed to other Driving Schools or distracted by unmanageable workloads; they are Instructor College UK Instructor specialists who are focused only on you.


To arrange an appointment to discuss our Driving Instructor courses then please call our team on 0800 019 8831.

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