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The Job

There are currently over 30,000 qualified Driving Instructors in the UK and each year a proportion of these will retire allowing new instructors such as yourself to enter the industry.

In the UK on average over 750,000 people a year will pass their driving test. The majority of these will take lessons with a Driving Instructor.

The average learner will take an average of 47+ hours of professional driving tuition with an approved Driving Instructor.

Based on the average lesson rate of £22 per hour this means that a pupil will be paying around £1034 to pass their driving test! A very lucrative market for any Driving Instructor entering the industry.

Learning to drive remains an essential skill for the majority of the working population. A skill they will need a Driving Instructor to obtain..

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• Having basic knowledge about car mechanics.

• Being able to clearly explain complex topics to other people.

• Being patient and tactful.

• Having knowledge about the Highway Code and road rules.

• Being able to concentrate for long periods of time.

• Being an experienced driver.

• Having interpersonal abilities.

• Having good communication skills.

• Being able to inspire others


5 Big Reasons To Change Career

• Job Security - People will always need to learn to drive.
• Choose your working hours - Work when you want to work and around your family life.
• Career Progression - Increase your earning potential through a range of career opportunities.
• Increased Income- Earn in excess of £30,000 per annum as a qualified Driving Instructor
• A fully maintained tuition vehicle.
• Fun - Enjoy your job again and meet new people.


Whatever your individual reasons for wanting to become a Driving Instructor you can see that it is most definitely an opportunity to make a positive career change.


Within our information pack you will learn about the qualification process, more about the Driving Instructor industry and of course you will learn more about how we can help you attain your goal of becoming an approved Driving Instructor (ADI).


Driving Instructors are required to provide guidance on how to drive safely on the roads. They teach students all aspects of driving to increase their skills, allowing people to obtain their driving licence or improve their driving ability. These Instructors introduce the basic controls and other theory subjects and then they assist students in car practices.


Driving Instructors usually perform many of the following tasks:

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